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1x copy of Sweet Mess
Ice Cream Pack - Exclusive!
Christmas Goodies Expansion
Halloween Treats Expansion
The Judges Table Expansion
Pastry Bench Playmat
Premium Metal Coins
Sweet Granny Chef
Cater Challenge Expansion: 5th Player & Co-op
- Exclusive! *Cater Challenge ships later
All Baked Goals & Premiums



Ages: 10+
Players: 1-5
Game Length: 45–90 Min


Sweet Mess - World Champion Edition

  • Welcome to the Sweet Mess baking competition. You have worked hard to get here and the Master Chef cannot wait to see how you handle his famous recipes. The Sweet Mess kitchen is chaotic and, of course, ... messy! Work smarter and more efficiently than the other contestants and you might just come away with the victory. May the best chef win!.

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