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Boardgame Elite is owned and operated by a single person name Jason. In his passion of collecting boardgames he found that purchasing games can be expensive especially for a single copy, he then thought of bringing in games in bulk so that not just him but a lot of people can also enjoy buying games at an affordable price.


Jason discovered Kickstarter in 2012. While he loved discovering new games, the crazy prices for Kickstarter games in the aftermarket left him thinking there had to be a better way of bringing in Kickstarter games at more reasonable prices. Thus, Boardgame Elite was born.


He began selling games in 2017, dedicated in offering Kickstarter games with all the stretch goals and "exclusives" that you won't find in larger online stores. From small card games to the biggest sprawling miniature games, has backed over 100 different games, with new games being added almost every week.

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